Angela Barber

GM Innovation

Angela is a highly competent and professional CAD & Building Information Modelling (BIM) practitioner with over twenty years industry experience working in the Industrial and Infrastructure sectors. Before consulting Angela has worked as a CAD Manager, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Engineering Representative, Project Developer in Planning, Engineering & Construction. These sectors include major industrial infrastructure such as rail, power distribution 11kV & 33kV, substations & switch yards, bridges, tunnels & service utility providers.

Angela has a high level of experience in BIM solution delivery and is passionate about working in an environment that is at the cutting edge of change. This enables her to create a 3 dimensional world whereby all stakeholders can collaborate, share information and communicate in the virtual environment for construction design, project management and asset management activities. Angela has over ten years experience in BIM delivery in the UK where this is now a well-established methodology and seen as best practice (mandatory in Government contracts) for delivering construction projects and asset management systems.

Specific Skills:
Project Management, 3D CAD, and for BIM; Employees Information Requirements (EIR), BIM Execution Plans (BEP) 4D, 5D BIM implementation, 3D Models with cost and specifications and associated clash detection. This includes linking to SAP and bridged to CAD, point cloud infrastructure and generated 3D Model (Scan to BIM) and is Autodesk / Bentley certified. Angela is also qualified with drone deploy – PT102 certified pilot with the civil aviation authority being able to deliver remote topographical scanning and condition monitoring.

Countries where Angela has experience:
South Africa, England, Tunisia, Australia and New Zealand.

Angela is a very dedicated person and puts her heart and soul into the work she is doing. I have worked with her in South Africa and would have no problem in recommending her to anyone for work

John Matthews

Senior supervisor Construction at Laing ORourke