Governments around the world are mandating a digital 3D approach to managing their construction and critical infrastructure projects, due to the significant cost benefits and shorter completion times.


  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the greatest technological innovations in the construction and maintenance industry to date.
  • This innovation helps you to perform all design, construction and project planning in a virtual environment before there is any physical activity.
  • BIM methodologies can deliver a 30% improvement on cost and project delivery time for construction or maintenance activity.
  • The post COVID world will have one of the highest capital upgrade and critical infrastructure construction rates in history.

BIM methodology allows efficiency, cost and scenario testing to be optimal before physical work commences, minimising the required construction and maintenance delivery time.

3D modelling with costs, planning and life cycle management, enables you to visualise all elements in one virtual place. Digital engineering will enable you to connect this information through a collaborative environment and interface to other platforms and asset management systems etc. This becomes the platform where you can gain an unprecedented level of efficiency, project management maintenance effectiveness and cost control.

We offer a full BIM 3D modelling service and can also assist you to design the required digital framework and all BIM compliance methodologies, collaborative platforms etc.

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