Business Drivers – Industrial Services

To maximise resilience and return on investment for Manufacturing, Processing, Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Service Organisations.

Business Drivers Industrial Services provides you with a bespoke combination of highly experienced people, with proven methodologies to service the industrial sector. Business Driver’s proprietary systems are combined with a team that have deep executive experience in the industrial manufacturing, service and critical infrastructure sectors, specialising in large complex contract management.

  • Bid & Proposal Management
  • Alliance and Large Contract Performance
  • Engineering & Complex Modular Fabrication
  • BIM and Digital Engineering
  • Advanced Asset Management

Bid & Proposal Management

To ensure you have successful proposal management, it is critical to have the ability to formulate a rigorous bid plan whilst ensuring there is the required level of executive sponsorship. This has to be coupled with the flexibility to the incorporate innovation and value add adjustments through the course of the bid.

You are positioned for success with a proposal team that have 20+ years of complex large bid management experience, ensuring that large proposals are tightly managed, written and led to the highest standard with:

– Viability Assessment
– Opposition Assessment
– Laser Cost Focus for ROI
– Resource & Milestone Plans
– Technical Partnerships

– Leveraging Key Client Relations
– Team Strategic Approach
– Ongoing Financial Analysis
– High Quality Document Production
– Strategic Counter Response

Alliance & Large Contract Performance Panel

Your large long-term contracts are a business within a business with all the complexities of client relations, through to operational delivery and return on investment challenges. This is coupled with increasingly higher customer expectations of your innovation and visual performance transparency as the contract progresses.

The contract performance panel, consists of a team of executives with deep working experience of alliance contracting, coupled with a unique road map to optimise your large contract performance in the areas of:

– Customer Pulse
– Contract Strategic Planning
– Management Systems
– Financial Analysis
– Delivery Performance

– Alliance Governance
– HSE Performance
– Supply Chain Optimisation
– Margin Enhancement
– Visual Dashboard Reporting

Engineering and Complex Modular Fabrication

Large complex industrial processing and critical infrastructure, frequently require green & brown field construction and capital upgrade activity to deliver sustainable efficiency and operational ROI.

We provide an engineering and fabrication service that specialises in complex modular applications specifically suited to industrial processing and critical infrastructure, including delivery to remote locations. This is delivered to high spec standards with competitive pricing delivering a credible and high-quality alternate to Chinese supplied product.

BIM & Digital Engineering

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the greatest technological innovations in the construction and maintenance industry to date. This innovation helps you to perform design and conflict resolution, engineering, construction, cost, resource milestone, project planning & maintenance in a virtual world before translating to the physical world. This allows efficiency, cost and scenario testing to be optimal before physical work commences, minimising the required construction and maintenance delivery time.

3D modelling with costs, planning and life cycle management, enables you to visualise all elements in one virtual place. Digital engineering will enable you to connect this information through a collaborative environment and interface to other platforms and asset management systems etc. This becomes the platform where you can gain an unprecedented level of efficiency, project management and cost control.

Advanced Asset Management

A critical part of any asset or facility lifecycle, is the through-life support. Maximum return on investment for industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure assets can only be achieved with efficient operation and optimal utilisation through plant reliability and availability.

Advanced Asset Management is delivered with industry experience and best practice asset management methodologies, connected with virtual 3D technology, enabling you to achieve optimal maintenance outcomes. This coupled with a road map to achieving the international asset management standard ISO55001, will maximise plant condition and availability for optimal operations or service delivery.