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The Community Approach to Clients and Consulting

Are You A Senior Executive Who Has Worked Extensively In The Corporate World And Are Now Considering Your Next Move?

If so, you’re likely looking for a new challenge—something that pulls together all your experience and skills so far, plus stretches you professionally, reignites your passion for business and still allows you to earn a lucrative living whilst achieving a better work-life balance.

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming an executive advisor, a consultant who assists other companies in improving their business outcomes. You’ve been around long enough to know that suddenly going from an environment with plentiful resources to being a lone wolf is a hard road to travel—especially when it comes to developing a strong sales conversion process, developing deep customer solutions and acquiring other specialty skills in areas such as strategy, growth, finance, supply chain and operations.

Are You Ready To Join A Network of High-Caliber Executives?

You have a fairly large network, but it’s a mix of warm and cold contacts. You understand how important it is, when you go out on your own, that those contacts are genuinely connected to you, which means ensuring your network is truly substantial and filled with professionals who trust you completely and also trust you will solve their problems.

So, with all this to consider, how do you hit the ground running as a consultant, without spending 5 or 6 years wrestling with balancing sales with delivery and stabilizing your income as you carve a name in the market?

Become a member of the Executive Advisory Board Programme and successfully take on the challenge of becoming a consulting authority in a matter of months, not years.

Our one-of-a-kind programme is specifically designed to assist senior executives in rapidly growing their consulting businesses by giving them access to our years of experience and IP, customer solutions, expert delivery resources and our exclusive community of customers and peers.

Do You Have Access To Demonstrated Proprietary Systems And Customer Solutions?

You’ll get a rapid market entry with our network analysis and growth operating system—in just two weeks, you’ll have a quick win plan with identified opportunities backed up by our sales conversion systems, unlimited coaching, solutions training, and pricing strategies tailored to your unique situation, so you can leverage the power of our team to reach the most profitable assignments and contacts in your network.

If you are ready to…

  • Take on a new challenge now that you’re at the top of your game,
  • Expand your skills and network so you can remain relevant professionally and provide deeper insights to your clients,
  • Achieve rapid and consistent sales conversion so you can secure quality, lucrative work quickly and eliminate the competition,
  • Have your own business, yet be part of an international team of like-minded professionals, and
  • Enjoy a wider selection of quality customers, an improved ability to retain them, in a true client & peer community.

…then simply book a 30-minute session with Peter Selby, CEO of Business Drivers, to find out if joining the Executive Advisory Board Programme is right for you.

Since 2008, Business Drivers Ltd has served as a profit and growth advisory for companies around the world and also senior executives seeking to become consultants themselves.

If you would like to learn more… Schedule your call with Peter today by clicking on the link below: