Lean & Process Improvement

There are normally 40 to 50 major business processes in any enterprise – can you name yours?

Of these major processes, there are hundreds of sub processes, all of which can harbour waste and activity that doesn’t add value. Most waste is invisible, and this has an immediate impact on required operational resource – and therefore bottom-line profit improvement opportunities.

Waste is best described as any process or activity that adds no value the end product or service. A famous quote says it all…”The most dangerous type of waste is the waste we don’t recognise”. – Shigeo Shingo

Our techniques are designed to streamline your business processes by reducing waste and duplication. This improvement process can be run at all business levels by engaging your people to use these methodologies in a frame of continuous improvement. This also allows a systemic approach at an internally sustainable pace that embeds these practices and becomes “the way we do business”.

Our methodologies include Control Plans For Current Initiatives, Business 5S & Visual Factory Approach, 4 Field Value Stream Mapping, Lean Workshop & Projects, Six Sigma Methodology and KPI & Dash Board Reporting.