Maximise Business Cash Flow

Cash is king! One of the most common causes of business failure is lack of cash, and stable businesses, not releasing the optimal cash flow is also a big problem.

As few as 20% of businesses fully take advantage of the opportunities for enhanced profits and cashflow through understanding all the interconnected elements of their supply chain. The supply chain in any industry touches all elements of the business, and yet it is the least understood part of business today.

Optimising your business value chain enables you to maximise business cash flow through controlling in real time, the operational planning and velocity through the supply chain. This requires a transparent, integrated and collaborative planning approach that is supported with streamlined controls, lean inventory management, effective supply chain practices and logistical controls.

Our methodologies include Accurate Sales Forecasting, Demand Management, Operational Planning, Inventory Analysis, Procurement Optimisation, Integrated Business Planning and ERP Platform Review.