Peter Selby, Australasia’s #1 Executive Advisor on Business Optimisation and Strategic Growth is interviewed by television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News. They discuss some of his client success stories. Enjoy!


Amber Sherlock: Can you share one or two success stories of clients that you’ve worked with that have actually followed your approach?

Peter Selby: Sure, yeah we have numerous customers I guess, but I’ll give you a couple from each end of the scale. So we helped a large company with strategy that other very stressed CEO that just couldn’t get momentum on the strategy. Very well thought through business plan but the team around him just weren’t aligned to where he was trying to go. And as a result, the business wasn’t getting the momentum it needed. So I worked with him and his team to take a much more team based approach to strategy planning. And that gave accountabilities into the team, caught momentum into the team and that rippled right through the organisation over time and gave her the whole organisation momentum. Another example would be from the other end of the scale on the back of the business, we helped a company in Australia not that long ago where they were in absolute cashflow crisis. So they were at the point of criticality, Ashley, I’d been not going in when we have, they wouldn’t have survived as a company. And worked with them on their approach to market, how they work their demand from the market into the operations of the business and therefore streamlining what’s required for inventory to hold at any one time. And we actually turned the fortunes round at that because we actually doubled their cashflow, which is, we came out of that feeling pretty good actually.