I have worked with Peter over the past 12 months as he has assisted us to identify actions, change levers and strategies to take our business to the next level for growth and enhanced operational and profit outcomes.

Peter has worked with my executive team and the Divisional Leadership Teams to identify key drivers, incorporate best practice business approaches and build long-term plans. This has been achieved by taking an inclusive approach to ensure there are clear required outcomes, responsibilities and time driven actions for all team members, coupled with clear growth, profit and sustainability milestones.

I can certainly recommend Peter to any business.

Brett Russell

Managing Director, Dominion Construction Ltd

I have worked with and been supported by Peter for a number of years. His vision and strategic thinking, combined with his innate ability to identify the root cause of issues, allow him to explain even the most complex of issues in a simple and logical manner while connecting them to the business improvement levers.

I value his time and trust his judgement implicitly.

Ian Marlow

Managing Director, EDF Energy Sector UK

I have been working with and assisted by Peter for some time now in two organisations. He has always demonstrated the ability to set a clear strategy with the executive team, ensure the plan is team-driven and connect the outcomes to the key business drivers. This has ensured we have clear accountabilities and enabled the team to deliver optimised business outcomes as a result.

Grant Judge

Chief Financial Officer, Russell Group Ltd

Peter is a strong leader with outstanding knowledge across business improvement, team building and business development. His ability to think through business with a keen and balanced commercial insight is what makes his skills invaluable to any business. Peter is a very likeable person and builds strong interpersonal relationships quickly.

Nick Benson

Chief Strategy Officer, BSA Ltd

I have worked closely with Peter over the last five years, and he has shown a real ability to set an executive business strategy that is directly linked to the key growth drivers and is an integral part of the execution phase of the planning approach.

Peter has shown me how to apply this methodology with my sales team to great effect, giving us clear direction, accountabilities, and approach to market, which has resulted in significantly accelerated growth in our chosen industries.

I have now utilised this approach with Peter in two separate organisations, and I can recommend this approach to any business that is seeking sustainable growth and increased market share. I have built a trust-based relationship with Peter over this time and I look forward to working more with him in the future.

Gavin Quinney

Director of Sales Australia & New Zealand, Gunnebo Ltd

I have worked with and consulted for Peter for several years and now in a number of organisations. He has consistently shown the ability to determine the required business levers to bring about sustainable and optimal business improvement. Peter has an in-depth working knowledge of supply chain and manufacturing methodologies with ability to guide management teams through the process of change setting a clear vision for best practice.

Stephen Biss

Consulting Director, Reid & Co

I have been assisted by Peter for some time now in several organisations. He has always demonstrated the ability to set up a supportive and team-based approach to driving goal-oriented strategies that clearly connect to business improvement.

I have personally witnessed Peter focusing my executive teams to set a vision and deliver that vision with the effect of completely turning around businesses in regard to growth and profit in the asset management industry.

Clyde Farr

Country Manager, Trak Group

I have been assisted by and worked with Peter for several years in a couple of organisations, and he has a team-driven, supportive approach. He is extremely focused on leading-edge safety methodologies and outcomes for businesses, which I have been involved with personally.

Some time ago I also worked under Peter as his Divisional Health & Safety Executive Manager when he held a Divisional GM Position. I still use Peter as an example when talking about executive safety leadership commitment when I discuss best practice with customers.

Jim McNamara

Safety Manager, Randstad Consulting

I have known Peter for the past 5 years, and I can sum up his impact on the development of my own Leadership style by quoting Theodore M. Hesburgh, “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”

Karen Boyes

Business Performance Manager, BroadSpectrum New Zealand

I have worked with and known Peter for many years in my capacity as a HR Manager and Consultant. I have seen Peter’s direct and systematic approach to improving business
performance serve many businesses well across several industry sectors.

His ability to create the vision for business growth and improvement, and to bring others with him on the journey to achieve that vision, is one of his greatest strengths.

Yvonne Walker

Managing Director, HR with Ease