Client Relations Management

This episode looks at how to manage your customer relationships from the customer’s perspective. I look at some of the best practice we see, how critical this is to the business and who should be involved in the process.
Transcript: "Client Relations Management"
Hi everybody. It’s Peter Selby from Business Drivers. Today I’d like to talk to you about client relations management. This is snippet number six from our growth and profit series.

The last time I talked to you about safety, which was a massive topic, and this is probably just as big. Again, in the interest of keeping these short, I’ll just give you some of the tips that we see that seem to work well in organizations that we work with around the place.

Now, client and customer relationship management is obviously just a huge topic. There are some important aspects to this just to consider, where we see it working well.

Primarily the first thing I will talk about is to think about those client relations from your client’s perspective. often people fall into the trap of thinking they’re doing really well, when from their customer’s perspective, might not be as good, or the relationship might not be as strong as you think.

Certainly, the clients that we see that manage this well, really understand things from their customer’s perspective, for all their key customers, they understand how strong those relationships are and all the sort of different levels inside their customer’s organizations.

You know, it’s no good having a fantastic relationship with the CEO of a customer, just to find that the people that are reporting to that CEO have very poor relationships with your organisation. You certainly won’t be in a sustainable position there for the longer-term supply of products or services. The people that map that out well and manage that, seem to do quite well.

Secondly, the thing that stands out would be to have a good platform to manage these relationships from. So there’s plenty of customer relations management systems out there and you know, some of those start out free like HubSpot etc.

Certainly, getting the wider commitment into those customer relations is pretty important. Again, get the wider involvement of the business and the management teams specifically. What we often see is that sales and the customer relations are left to the leader at the top and maybe the sales director or something, when in actual fact, if you can get the involvement of the wider group, that’s really, really powerful.

So, you know, has your CFO got a strong relationship with the CFO in your customer’s organization? Has your HR Director got a good relationship with the customer HR Director

That sounds reasonably simple to do, but it does take a fair bit of planning. Who’s going to own those relationships. How often are we going to see those people? What were the last interactions? Is everyone aware of those communications?

Check the customer not seeing three of the same people from your organization talking about the same thing at different times.

You know, all that coordination is pretty important, it’s a huge, huge topic, but again, to keep the snippets, short, that’s all I’m going to talk about today.

Next time I’m going to talk to you about supply chain, which is an equally, equally big topic, but again, just some of the key things that we see that work quite well to try to help, organizations with just some of those observations.

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Okay. See you next time. Bye. Bye.

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