Linda Nuthall

Senior Business Advisor

Linda is an experienced project manager and supply chain consultant having more than 20 years assisting companies across a broad range of industries and project types.

Linda is particularly interested in working with leaders to ‘diagnose’ issues and identify areas of opportunity that are often well camouflaged by day to day operations. She also specializes in designing mechanisms for the ongoing monitoring and management of aligned activities at all levels of an organization with particular emphasis on relationship and change management.

Specific Skills:
Project management, business strategy development, relationship, change and performance management, strategy/process alignment and design, qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Countries where Linda has experience:
Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and America.

It is rare that someone crosses your professional path that brings such depth of experience, intellect and competency delivered with an unquestionable work ethic. Linda has both a strong mindedness and the personal strength to share her thoughts. She balances these strengths well with her collaborative approach and preference to work as part of a team. Linda is comfortable leading the most demanding of projects and complex situations. She is just as ‘at home’ having a defined role within a larger team and delivering her responsibilities. In having worked with Linda across a number of roles and projects, I have developed the highest professional regard for her capacity, competency and commitment. It is without reserve I hold Linda in the Highest professional regard.

Peter Jones

Founder and Director at Prological