Marcelle Batson-Warner

Executive Advisor

Marcelle Batson-Warner

Executive Advisor

Marcelle is an experienced business adviser with a background as a chartered engineer. She has over 30 years of experience working with large and small organisations and has been heavily exposed to the automotive industry in Europe & Asia Pacific.

Marcelle has assisted clients to develop and launch complex new products to market and has significant experience as a circular supply chain agent. This has assisted companies to unlock further value and customer exposure from taking a more circular approach to their operations and associated value chain.

Marcelle has years of experience gained working across the complete value chain from concept to process implementation and product delivery. She assists organisation design and implements the required structure necessary to harness ideas and gain market momentum aligned to business strategies and goals.

Specific Skills:
Engineering Project Management, Business Coaching, Change Management, New Product Introduction, Cost Optimisation, Quality & Sustainability Management, System Implementation, Business Strategy and Market Product Positioning

Countries where Marcelle has experience:
United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

We worked with Marcelle in one of Australia’s leading and largest steel packaging companies supplying the architectural, food and industrial printed and completed packaging solutions. Their customers were requiring transparency of their processes so that they could have assurance that these processes were stable and capable of meeting their specifications and requirements.

The lessons learned from that intervention then garnered Marcelle to seek additional assistance with the co-funded Government program, to pull together 5 State operations and their ISO 9001 Certified QM Systems into a single process-approach (now a requirement for ISO 9001:2015). She achieved ISO 9001:2008 re-certification and the quality, cost, delivery and people performance metrics and targets were balanced and achieved in the engagement and continue.

Michael McLean FAICD, FIMC-CMC, FAOQ, Juran Medallist

Managing Director, McLean Management Consultants Pty Ltd

I had the good fortune to work with Marcelle during her time at Nissan’s European R&D centre (NTCE). I was very, very impressed. Marcelle is highly intelligent but has the rare ability to apply that intelligence to real-world problems, developing excellent solutions. She is hard-working, inventive and reliable and possesses a high EQ to complement her high IQ! That makes her a valued team-member. The highest recommendation I can give is to say that if I had my own business, I would want Marcelle to be a part of it.
David Rymell

SQL Server, Python, VBA, Business Intelligence, Nissan Technical Centre Europe

I can only describe Marcelle to a breath of fresh air. Her ability to walk into a room of strangers, and 30 minutes later become the centre piece of the party. This also relates to her work presence. Marcelle with happily saunter into a meeting, and within 30 minutes, control the room with her knowledge, and understanding of Engineering, Manufacturing needs, and then driving issue onto the table, and getting results just as quick. Who would not want Marcelle in there team, only someone who can’t recognise determination, commitment, persistence, loyalty, the list could go on. A great lady.
Carl Penn

Project Engineer

Marcelle and I worked together on the Mondeo MY2002 and MY2004 seat programmes. At that time I was highly impressed with her infectious enthusiasm and positive can-do approach. Since then Marcelle has spread her wings with assignments in Australia and elsewhere. In my opinion Marcelle is a woman with enormous technical and business acumen, who could hit the ground running in any manufacturing company anywhere in the world. I recommend prospective clients take a closer look at this dynamo of experience and talent.
Tim Wynne-Jones