Small Business Support

This snippet discusses how we support small businesses, the positive effect on small businesses when big business management techniques are used. I also discuss some of the government assistance that is available and how we can help access this funding as a Government certified supplier.
Transcript: "Small Business Support"
Hi everybody. It’s Peter Selby from business drivers, this is snippet #4 from our growth and profit series.

We are changing the order a little bit and today I’d like to talk to the smaller businesses out there, cause they’re doing it pretty tough right now.

There is some assistance for you out there, which is really what I’d like to talk about today.

One of the things that we see when you apply some of the methodologies that we would normally take to larger corporate organisations and apply those in the small business arena, it has a huge effect. It normally only takes a couple of key methodologies that need applying depending on what they are trying to do at that particular time.

Another thing that we come across quite often is that small businesses struggle to afford to hire the professional help required, or at least see it as a barrier. To assist there is government help with that which is really the message today.

If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, you can get government assistance to help you either turn your business around, grow your business, or whatever it may be. If you are in Australia, it is state-based help. Each state has a different name for that body, but you can Google that and find the name of that local body.

There is always a local representative that can help you and assess your business. They will see what it is that you are trying to do and the assistance that you need. They will then plug you into someone that can help you and also help you with the funding that is available around that.

If you are listening to this in New Zealand, we are a registered supplier in New Zealand for a business services, and we can certainly give you some help there on how you can attain that funding.

So if you follow the link and just start book a complimentary a time slot with me, I can give you some quick guidance on that to help you straightaway just around how you can tap into that funding, the hurdles that you might need to get over to do that, and it is readily available.

Our advice is to take advantage of that certainly at a time like this.

Okay, that’s it from me for small businesses today. Next time around, I’m going to be talking about some of the key things that we’ve seen that worked quite well as far as safety management is concerned and that’s obviously important in small or large businesses, I’ll see you next time, Bye. Bye.

As usual. if you have any questions about anything I’ve talked about, um, you can email us at [email protected] or go to our website You can contact us there and we can certainly steer you in the right direction.