Peter Selby, Australasia’s #1 Executive Advisor on Business Optimisation and Strategic Growth is interviewed by television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News. They discuss some of the ‘big ideas’ Peter wants readers to take away from his book, Defining Your Road Map To Profit & Growth. 


Amber Sherlock: What are some of the big ideas that you’d like your readers to take away from your book?

Peter Selby: The book discusses a numerous I guess topics, but if you think about the levers you can pull in a business from the price lever to the volume lever to the cost control lever, it really covers all those aspects from setting a strategy that’s team-based. So the guy at the top or the girl at the OPs, not doing all the heavy lifting, through to streamlining the processes, supply chain, cash flow, making safety part of the DNA of the business right through to the delivery to the customer. So it really covers all those aspects.