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From the desk of Peter Selby…

Dear Colleague,

As a business executive or corporate consultant, you may have recently felt the force of the sudden market changes. It has never been tougher. The instant global recession, means there are now more organisations needing help than ever before. However, on the other hand, there has never been more people available to offer the required assistance.

With such a huge global downturn, organisations have unfortunately had to stand down or lay off highly skilled executives and consultants. These people are now available and positioning to be consultants or business advisors, increasing the competition for what is already a commoditised market. If you are like many of the executives and consultants I have mentored, some of the challenges you may be facing, may feel insurmountable. If you are thinking about becoming a high-level corporate advisor, from either a corporate or consulting background, these issues are relevant, now more than ever.

Most executives who become consultants, usually start by working on fixed-term contracts. While giving you a consistent income, it still means you have to show up every day, take instructions from others and often it can feel like a job, which may not be all that you initially thought it would be.

Unfortunately, 80% of consultants never grow beyond finding the next fixed contract, suffering the feast and famine syndrome. Getting the work, doing the work, then frantically trying to find the next assignment. When looking for that next assignment, it can often mean you are drafting an endless array of proposals, giving away your ideas for free and attempting to beat the tough competition on price — lowering your fees, just to get the assignment and keep food on the table. Another major barrier you may be facing is the fact that you are a single entity.

As a single entity, the barrier to grow into larger and more profitable consulting projects is significant. Believe it or not, your ability to snag those larger assignments is hampered by your own skills, even though you may have a wealth of knowledge and ability. It is impossible for any one person to have all the required wider skill sets that the larger corporate clients demand. You may find yourself not being able to compete on the more profitable assignments that end up going to the Blue-Chip consulting companies.

Being seen as a ‘one-man-band’ can cause doubt around your ability to deliver, because as the saying goes: “No one got fired for hiring IBM”.

It is tough out there for the one-man-band consultant, which begs the question… How do you position yourself to compete with a company that has a CBD foot print in one or more cities or even countries, that give executives some confidence they are getting global best practices?

Here’s what I found…

There is a need to develop an eco-system of customers and potential customers to enable a more consistent flow of work. This then needs to be supported by leading business solutions and have access to a team of specialists to deliver the resulting wider range of work opportunities.

Having worked for 30+ years in the corporate world in senior executive roles leading blue chip companies, I started my professional career in electrical engineering working on the maintenance of railway signalling systems in the UK.

At the time this was seen as a job for life, however I always wanted to work in an organisation that made things, such as a factory. I guess I wanted to be part of a larger process.

What I didn’t realise at the time, was that process was actually business systems. Eventually after moving to New Zealand I started working in manufacturing. New Zealand back then was, dare I say it, a little behind in regard to best practices around manufacturing systems environments. As a result, there was plenty of opportunity to bring European best practice to manufacturing environments. Over time, I found I had a knack for seeing the patterns in things.

Over the years it became clear to me that most of the problems being faced by businesses had the same core fundamental issues or core drivers.

These drivers were across all areas of the business – not just a deep dive into one area as most consultants do. I also figured out that if the right systems and processes could be developed, then there would be a way of enhancing the core drivers of the business as a whole, delivering an optimised competitive advantage to any organisation, of any size, in any market.

As a result, I founded Business Drivers Ltd and for the next 10 years I developed our core IP and unique methodology. I soon came to realise that I could not do this alone. It was essential to have a highly skilled team of experts around me that had the specialist skills required to deliver a holistic business optimisation approach. I have quietly invested over $500,000 over the last decade into building a business advisory machine, intellectual property, and a network of highly qualified specialists operating locally and internationally.

Allowing us to deliver a unique competitive advantage road map for our clients.

Using our unique IP and methodology we are now able to build and deliver a self-funded program has allowed us to move away from hourly invoicing, providing greater returns to the client, with no risk, and is a win-win all around. The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. In this current economic environment, it is even more important than ever to bring this competitive edge to the local marketplace.

As you can see, because of the power of this IP and methodology I might have wanted to keep this to myself.

So why am I sharing this with you?

I’m now finally ready to grant access to my proven IP, methodologies, tools, systems and exclusive network to a few highly qualified management consultants who want to leverage all my years of hard work.





I figure that if I start with a small select group of highly qualified professionals, that I can get to know personally (rather than a very large group), then I can sleep well at night knowing that my reputation, philosophy and core service is being kept intact.

Just imagine what it would be like if you were to go to a potential client and instead of only looking to gain a fixed term contract for yourself, you could now with absolute confidence, be able to open up a higher paying lucrative project for larger more complex assignments. That confidence can come from the fact that you would now have access to proven IP and 30+ methodologies (without having spent your own hard-earned dollars and time developing these processes yourself). You will also have a very clear road map that will lead the potential client to see and understand how you will solve their problems in a wholistic way.

The unique part of our exclusive networking community is it encompasses both current customers, potential customers and peers that can deliver work. This means you are part of an eco-system that only ever needs to work in a warm network (people that already know and trust you). It also means you can deliver assignments beyond your own capacity and skill set, due to having access to a community of highly skilled advisors that can work along side you or deliver work on your behalf.

This network of professionals has been pulled together by myself and have been hand-picked, all with 30+ years of executive corporate and consulting experience. Imagine, as a one-man-band, being able to leverage other people’s time, without being limited by your own hourly rate.

This leverage also gives those responsible for the contract’s, reassurance and confidence in your ability to deliver the project – and from my experience, these projects can be self-funded removing all price resistance. A real win/win for the client and yourself. More importantly, you will still be able to maintain your independence and set your own course.

You see, your clients need something new that’s going to work today and, in the future, regardless of the changing economic times and it’s tough doing this alone. If you are ready to tap into an extensive network of high-level management consultants you can leverage, to land large corporate consulting projects for higher fees, then let’s have a brief 15-min conversation.

As I will only be selecting a few executives and consultants that I can work with and trust, make sure you schedule a call by clicking here or the button below.


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